Our Saints and Angels

People take different roads seeking fulfilment and happiness.  Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost. - Dalai Lama

As Sisters, we vow to be of service to our community, to expiate stigmatic quilt and to spread universal joy.  We do our best to live into these vows and following our callings.  We know, however, this path isn't for everyone and there are other amazing people in our community who we recognize for the outstanding ways they live their lives through their devotion to public service, social activism, and spiritual enlightenment.  We do this by granting Sainthood in the Order of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  Sainthood is the highest honour that can be given by the Sisters.

Our Saints have provided us with inspiration and/or assistance essential to our work.  In this humble way we thank them for their outstanding work, commitment, or inspiration to us and others in our communities.  Click here to see the certificate we give to our Saints.

St. Pansy of the Immense Ass
aka: Kevan "Pansy" Gardner
Sainted:  February 2010

St. Tulipa x canadensis
aka:  Germen Terpstra
Sainted:  February 2010

St. Gabriella Patroness of Ambassadors' Wives
aka:  Lloyd Thomas Pritchard
Sainted:  February 2010

St. Bug
aka: Ronnie Curtiss
Sainted:  February 2010

St. SirCumStance
aka: Tyler Tone
Sainted:  February 2010

St. Holly
aka:  Jim Wilson
Sainted:  February 2010

St. Kevin of the One Eyed Monster
aka:  Kevin O'Keefe
Sainted:  October 2011

St. John of Broad Strokes
aka:  John Ferrie
Sainted:  November 2011
Vancouver, British Columbia has been my home since I was born. There I studied art at Emily Carr College of Art and Design, and graduated in 1988.
My love of Vancouver and life on the west coast inspires me. Images flow in whimsy – sweeping brush strokes, fearless colour choices, and intrinsic detail. My medium is acrylic paint on canvas, stylized and potent, in jewel-toned expression. I endeavor to give my subjects their own voice through organic shape and mild deconstruction, evoking this ever evolving part of the world.
My passion for painting drives me. Each piece is a puzzle, and as the work flows through me, the complex equation unravels.

St. Barbelle of the Megamouth-ball
aka:  Barb Snelgrove
Sainted:  August 2012

St. Jane See-More
aka:  Janine Fuller
Sainted:  August 2012

St. Slayer of Goliath
aka:  Jim Deva
Sainted: August 2012

St. David of the Infinite Giggle
aka:  David C. Jones
Sainted: April 2013

St. Delphina of the Immaculate Dick Safari
aka: Del Stamp
Sainted: April 2017

St. Paddy, Bull Rider on the Western Front!
aka: Patrick Masse
Sainted: March 2018

There are those who go out of their way to help us with events, logistics, information, and services.  They are our Angels. Any person in the community who has made a major contribution directly to benefit the Abbey.  Their contributions may be in their volunteer time, materials, or financial donations.

"Carlotta Gurl"
Anointed: June 2014
Drag artist Carl McDonald (Carlotta Gurl) hails from Eastern Canada and for over 15 years has been amazing audiences everywhere with his incredible female impersonations of some of the world’s most loved performers.In addition to performing and appearing at corporate events, special events and private parties here in Vancouver, BC, Carlotta has been getting quite a name on stages in other Canadian cities, and across the border in the USA.  A consistently dynamic performer, both Carl and Carlotta are involved in doing feature work within Vancouver’s burgeoning film and television industry, and have had starring roles in movies such as “Stark Raving Mad”, “Thralls” and TV shows such as “Caprica” and “The L Word”.  She works regularly with TD, and can be seen escorting their float through Vancouver’s Pride parade in her own exhuberant style. Carlotta also works with Tourism Vancouver, Gayvan.com travel Marketing, and Smack Productions.  A strong advocate for many charities, Carlotta lends her talents and regularly gives her time to help raise money for many deserving causes, including Vancouver Friends For Life, where she has been a recurring hostess for their weekly Bingo For Life event.  On the drag stage front, Carlotta currently hosts and performs in two of Vancouver’s most popular and critically-acclaimed weekly cabaret-style shows:

"Jem ThanksJem"
Anointed: February 2015

"Conni Smudge"
Anointed: February 2015
Developing a character named Conni Smudge has been a twenty year journey and one that has taken her around the Globe.  She has performed in some of the most unlikely of places. From Biker Bars to the Grand Theatres of Europe, Mz Smudge has done them all.  Her wit, charm and approachable nature has afforded her the honour of being a highly sought after event host and spokesperson.  With an uncanny ability to break through barriers and draw the audience in, an evening with Conni is unlike anything ever experienced.  Based out of Vancouver British Columbia, Mz Smudge has been the face of several events and charities, including the North American OutGames, Qmunity, The City of Vancouver, and the Q Hall of Fame Canada to name just a few.  Mz Smudge has regular appearances on television as a reporter for OutLook TV and has appeared on the set of movies including The L Word, Backstrom, and Girls Guide to Dating.  She is known as The Unstoppable Conni Smudge and her busy schedule and the high demand for her services are proof that she truly is The Unstoppable Lady.

Graham Spence
Anointed: February 2015
Graham Spence is a Vancouver-based, professional, published photographer with a passion for finding beauty in all places. He has a passion for the LGBTQ2 community and loves to capture the pulse of it through special events, stage performance and charity fundraisers. It is with great pleasure that he serves as an Angel for the Vancouver chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and shares their vision of spreading joy and love.

Belle Ancell
Anointed: February 2015
Belle Ancell is a proud Queer identified artist who focuses her camera lens lovingly on the Vancouver LGBTQ Community.  More 'my stream' than mainstream, belle strives to push the boundaries of perceived beauty, gender, sexuality and relationship with her photographic work.