Sunday, February 11, 2018

Pride Night at UBC

Reverend Mother Diversity Rains with ONETWU Representative

A fun and testosterony night was had at Pride Night at UBC!  The men's and women's UBC Thunderbirds took on Trinity Western University while being cheered on by the Vancouver Gay Volleyball Association and fundraising for Qmunity!

The VGVA runs volleyball games year round and provides a safe space for our community members to spank balls and run around in hot shorts and sweaty clothes and grunt and be all butch-like.  Tonight, they reached out to the Sisters to help with their fundraising efforts for Qmunity.  In between very short breaks of play, the Sisters and members of VGVA raised $370!  Thank you VGVA!

University can be a very transformative time in our lives and in this day and age, it is still not the safest place to be out.  Thankfully, there are support groups like The Pride Collective at UBC and ONETWU at Trinity Western.  Thank you to the students for volunteering your time to support and protect our community and creating safe, inclusive spaces, while studying to be future leaders of our community!

As the Sisters reach out to the multitude of sub-communities in our community, it is with JOY that we see familiar faces.  It shows that our community is not so segregated.  We saw friends that we have seen at other fundraising events for HIV/AIDS, homeless and Women's March.  So wonderful to see our community supporting the full breath of our community!  The Sisters can add to our moto "One JOY, More JOY, Always JOY, Everywhere JOY!"

Reverend Mother Diversity Rains, Morgane Oger (Community Leader and Politician) and Sister Fancy Pants

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