Sunday, December 3, 2017

Red Ribbons 4 Life

(L-R) Sister Fancy Pants, Reverend Mother Diversity Rains, Paladin 'lil Randy

$1000 raised in 30 minutes.  That's how amazing tonight was at the 10th Annual Red Ribbons 4 Life Event.  The Sisters help sell $10 "squares" from which 10 prizes were drawn.  With only a maximum of 100 squares, they were on high demand and they sold out in record time.  As much as the Sisters were there to fundraise, much of the success was due to the generosity of the community that came together.

The Red Ribbons 4 Life Event " was founded in 2008 by Martin Rooney as a part of the campaign to remove the US HIV Travel Ban.  Proceeds benefit two worthy organizations - Surrey HIV/ADIS Food Bank, operated by Lookout Emergency AID Societ and AIDS Tijuana (Truax House), a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico operated through funds raised through the International Court System and the Immperial Court de San Diego, California".

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