Sunday, September 17, 2017


(L-R) Sister Petunia, Paladin 'lil Randy, Sister Fancy and Postulant Suspicious

This year's Positive Living BC's AIDS Walk to Thrive was an incredible success raising over $100,000 for their Community Health Fund.  This year follow's their new concept of combining a Walk with a Music and Wellness Festival and the Sisters were there to walk and dance!

The Walk was a loop that started and ended at Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park, making it's way around Lost Lagoon.  Walkers stopped along the route to dance and party with musical acts cheering them on.  The Festival was free for anyone to attend and created a community of support and positivity.  There was dancing and massaging and eating and drinking!

Positive Living BC's Community Health Fund helps their over 50,000 members with financial support to purchase "health products and services that help manage HIV symptoms, aid in forestalling HIV disease progression, and mitigate side effects related to HIV medications."

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