Monday, August 7, 2017

Vancouver Pride 2017

(Standing L-R) Friends of the Sisters, Sisters Sweet and Visa, SF Sister Gaia Love, Postulant K-9, Reverend Mother Diversity, Sister Petunia, Dallas Sister Rita Lipps, Postulant Kip, Sisters Merry, Koo-Koo and Fancy
(Kneeling L-R) Victoria Sister Coeur Flambé, Sister Festivus, Postulant Sunflower and Sister Tora

Banner Boys Paul, top, and Glenn, bottom (their position in this picture, not necessarily their "positions")  :)

Such a beautiful day for a Joyous Pride in Vancouver!  This year was a festive and fun celebration of the freedom we have in Vancouver to live how we want to live, love who we want to love and be who we want to be!

The Vancouver Sisters were triple-blessed to have 3 amazing out-of-town Sisters joining us in our celebrations!  Sister Gaia Love from San Francisco, CA, Sister Rita Lipps from Dallas, TX and Sister Coeur FlambĂ© from Victoria, BC.  They were engaging Vancouverites and spreading JOY to all Parade goers.  Their Sistering is proof that regardless of where you start your Sister journey, your community is not confined to that city.  You are a Sister where the need arises and these 3 lovely beings rose to the occasion in Vancouver!  Thank you for spreading your JOY and love!  And Thank You for ONLY spreading your JOY and love!  ;)

We also had wonderful Friends of the Sisters Paul and Glenn who helped carry our Banner leaving the Sisters free to flit and flirt about along the Parade route.  Thank you Boys!

Public manifestation at Jim Deva Plaza

The day started with a public manifestation where Sisters put on the sacred white face at the Jim Deva Plaza.  Talk about being in the community!

The Parade seemed extra fun and the cheers and celebrations seemed extra loud!  The beauty of Pride Parades is the loving interaction between spectator and marcher.  WOW!  The pace was not too fast yet somehow, Sisters ended up being spread over 4 floats because we were so focused on engaging the community!  Such JOY!

Sister Festivus performing a wedding ceremony on the main stage at the Pride Festival

After the Parade ended, Sister Festivus took to the main stage at the Pride Festival site to marry a trans couple.  It was a moving ceremony where the couple expressed their very-real journey as a trans couple in place of their vows.  Their story drew cheers and tears.  And after Sister Festivus finished the ceremony with her rendition of Father Figure by George Michael, the applause went crazy!

Congratulations to the Vancouver Pride Society for putting on a wonderful celebration of Freedom of Love, and to Vancouverites for embracing that Freedom to Love!

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