Saturday, August 5, 2017

Rainbow Friday

(L-R) Friend Greta, Reverend Mother Diversity Rains, Sisters Fancy Pants, Bodice Rippa and Visa DeKline with Niki Ashton, MP Manitoba

The Vancouver Sisters pulled TRIPLE DUTY today.  Team 1 attended the Trans March in support of the trans community.  It was a loud and boisterous march that let Vancouver know that the trans community is part of the human community.

After the March, Team 1 joined Team 2 at the Davie Street Party, and what a party it was!  The downtown Vancouver Davie Street was filled with Pride and JOY!  Everyone was in such amazing spirits!  Smiles, hugs and photos, lots of photos, were shared and given.

And to finish the day, Team 1 and 2 joined Team 3 to work the door for the Pride RUFF party.  Whoa, this was the busiest RUFF ever and the club was packed and hopping.  Tons of hot sweaty men, yep, it's Pride!

And welcome to our first out-of-town Sister, Sister Rita Lipps from Dallas, TX!  Such a beautiful soul who blended in so joyously!

Sister Fancy with Sister Rita Lipps

Sisters Bodice Rippa and Festivus Illuminata with Sister Rita Lipps and a Pride celebrant

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