Monday, July 31, 2017

Vancouver Pride Proclamation 2017

(L-R) Sister Bodice Rippa, Reverend Mother Diversity and Sister Fancy Pants

Vancouver Pride Proclamation is the official start of Pride Week and it was a wonderfully joyous event attended by so many community leaders and Sister Saints.  Held at the new-ish Jim Deva Plaza, the event was MC'd by the iconic Joan-E.  

Joan-E is a Vancouver icon as well as a Vancouver Sister Saint.  She has lived quite the life with all the experience to show for it.  She took a moment to reflect on something her friend Jose Sarria, founder of the Imperial Court System in San Francisco, said "United we conquer, Divided they pick us off one-by-one."  Regardless of your position on the current climate of Pride, let's find a way to come together because the values that we have in common far outweigh those that separate us.

Be Safe and Be Happy!  Let the joyous celebrations begin!!!!

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