Sunday, May 14, 2017

RED: A Positive Day in Vegas

(L-R, Top Row) Sisters Koo-Koo Kachoo, Bodice Rippa and Festivus Illuminata
(L-R, Middle Row) Paladin 'lil Randy, Friend and Reverend Mother Diversity Rains
(L-R Bottom Row) Friends, Aspirant Kip, Sisters Petunia Encarnata and Fancy Pants

Another HUGE successful production of RED with this year's theme being set in Vegas.  The event was so well organized by Volume Productions and the community came out to support an amazing, and much needed organization, Positive Living BC.  Everyone who had anything to do with the organization, performance and running of last night's event were all volunteers.  Especially touching is that many of the volunteers at some point in their lives needed the help and services that Positive Living BC provides. 

 "The Positive Living Society of British Columbia exists to enable persons living with AIDS and HIV disease to empower themselves through mutual support and collective action. From our personal struggles and challenges come our courage and strength."

RED was so big that the Sisters had to tag teamed this event with one group selling 50/50 tickets totalling $1500 and another group going on stage to perform with Sister Festivus singing live.  It is always amazing to be of service to our community in anyway we are called upon to.  

The evening started with the always entertaining David C. Jones (one of our Saints) being the auctioneer.  Painting and trips were auctioned off for well over $2000/prize.  And a very moving moment happened when the auction turned into a fundraising extravanganza where 15 party-goers raised their hands to donate $1000 each to send 15 BC Positive Living members on their Spirit Retreat.  COMMUNITY!!!!!

An incredible thank you to Dean Thullner for inviting the Sisters to perform and to Ken Coolen of Positive Living BC for organizing the fundraising portion of the evening.  While final donation amounts have yet to be tallied, one thing is for certain, all the funds raised will provide services to those who cannot otherwise provide for themselves.  #REDYVR

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