Saturday, April 29, 2017

Line Dancing for Chechnya

(L-R) Reverend Mother Diversity Rains, Paladin 'lil Randy, Sister Fancy Pants (Postulant Kip not pictured)

The Vancouver Timberline Dance Society held their monthly dance at the Pumpjack Pub and this time invited the Sisters to help them fundraise for Rainbow Railroad.  The Timberline group have been deeply affected by the currently situation in Chechnya and wanted to do something to help our persecuted sisters and brothers.  The patrons at the Pumpjack definitely helped the cause.  The Sisters raised $327 in 1 hour selling raffle tickets (actually, the Sisters raised $352 after Sister Fancy found $25 she collected and stuffed in her cleavage :)).  And Timberline agreed to match whatever the Sisters raised.  That's over $600 raised in 1 hour!

And of course, the Sisters joined in with a little doe-see-doe line dancing . . . in heels!

"Founded in 2000, Rainbow Refugee is a Vancouver based community group that supports people seeking refugee protection in Canada because of persecution based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression (SOGIE) or HIV status."

We in the North America (especially North of America) can live our lives freely and contemplate whether to go out for dinner, or dancing or staying in with our loved ones, regardless of their gender or ours.  Unfortunately our sisters and brothers in Chechnya and at least 77 other countries around the world cannot.  We cannot forget them while we enjoy our freedom.

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