Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sisters Across the Straight

(L-R) Sister Fancy, Sister Sin Sanity, Reverend Mother Vera Tooche and Novice Sister Coeur Flambay

What an wonderful experience to be in a different city, attending an event hosted by a different organization that you're used to, with a different group of Sisters.

Sister Fancy attended Men'scapes 2017 hosted by AIDS Vancouver Island. Reverend Mother Vera was one of the guest speakers about activism in the community. The conference was well thought out and there was much exploration of self care and self love.

Sister Sin and Novice Sister Cœur Flambay were also present and both really got into the dance expression portion. The conference did go on for a long time but Sisters Fancy and Teen still went for bar ministry to the Paparazzi Club in downtown Victoria.

The new aspiring house in Victoria, BC has renewed the joy for being a Sister. Such JOY and happiness for each other and the work they do.  Looking forward to welcoming a new Canadian Abbey to the global Sister family.

He is a link to their website:  http://victoriasisters.blogspot.ca/

Sister Fancy and Sister Teen LaQueefa

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