Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's March for ALL

Reverend Mother Diversity Rains and Sister Fancy Pants

Reverend Mother Diversity Rains, Sister Fancy Pants and Paladin 'lil Randy joined hundred of thousands of marchers for Vancouver's edition of the global movement, the Women's March, a solidarity march in support of tolerance and basic human rights.

The crowd was very encouraging in that people of all ages, races, orientations and genders were represented.  Banners promoting positivity, change and a slew of different causes were raised high and proud.

A comment was made that 35 years ago, there was a similar march held in Vancouver and that it was unfortunate that another march had to happen.  Change is slow and culture is slow to change.  That is why the ongoing fight is so important.  Yesterday, the political and cultural landscape officially changed because their side fought us and they won.  It's our turn to fight back and stand up for change that will benefit all instead of the privileged few.  Looking around, all the minority groups came together and became the majority.  

That is why we all unite together today.  Today, the Vancouver Sisters joined 40 other Abbeys around the world to stand up for our communities rights and freedom.  For the communities where there is no Abbey, we stand with you also.

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