Saturday, January 7, 2017

Rhinestone Phoenix Rising

Sister Fancy Pants and Paladin 'lil Randy

What a wonderful show put on by the Rhinestone Phoenix Charity Foundation!

Amazing performers, including our own Paladin 'lil Randy (lip syncing, en francais) and Reverend Mother Diversity (singing live, acapella)!  What talents lies beneath them wimples.  It was a jam-packed show and audience.  

The Rhinestone Phoenix Charity Foundation has been proudly representing the LGBTQ community since 1980 through it's many fundraising endeavours and work with other organizations of the community.  Mr., Ms. & Miss. Gay Vancouver work hard volunteering their time, money and talent each year, representing our community by raising funds and awareness of local causes and issues.

It may be cold outside the Rhinestone Phoenix was rising out of the cold and creating their own fire! 

Find out more about the Rhinestone Phoenix Charity Foundation and their events at

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