Monday, January 2, 2017

Random Act of Kindness

Hi all! 

I wanted to share a random act of kindness story with you.

Tora, Fancy and I were working at the door at Ruff New Year's Eve. The event was sold out and was, in fact, oversold because of a computer glitch. So, we had only 10 tickets to sell at the door, hoping that not everyone would show. Around 11pm, we were nearing capacity, so ticket sales were a definite no-no.

Stephen Rodrozen, one of the co-owners of Rodrozen Designs, which helps sponsor the Ruff parties, had just checked in and was waiting for coat check. Behind him was a young man who was from Montreal and wanted to buy a ticket. I told him that we were sold out and he looked very sad. Stephen turned around and said, "You can give him my other ticket, as my partner is not coming".  A great start to 2017 :-)

Cheers and happy new year everyone!

Paladin Pebbles

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