Friday, January 27, 2017

Prides of Whistler

Sister Fancy Pants, Reverend Mother Diversity Rains and Paladin 'lil Randy

Whistler Pride celebrates it's 25th Anniversary this year and the Sisters were on hand to help parade and carry the incredibly large pride flag through the village.

This was also the 7th year that a parade was held and keeping with the tradition of Whistler, the parade started with a group of skiers and snowboarders sliding down Whistler mountain carrying multiple large Pride flags.  At the base of the mountain next to the gondola, many festive pictures were taken before the Sisters became part of the flag bearing team that led the parade.  This week-long celebration is not just about parades and parties.  It is also an opportunity to fundraise with proceeds from one of the major parties benefitting Foundation of Hope and Rainbow Refugees.

Considering the various, multiple dangerous political climates of the world, it was unimaginable that a need would actually be coming from south of our borders.

Whistler Pride is also Canada's first Pride celebration of the year and they kicked the season off proudly and fantastically.  This year, more than ever, everyone needs to celebrate their pride and to not be silent in that celebration.

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