Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fancy That, There's a New Sister in Town

(Standing L-R) Paladin Pebbles, Sister Tora, Paladin 'lil Randy, Sister Petunia, Sister Visa (via Skype from Calgary) Sister Merry, Postulant Knotty and Sister Koo-Koo
(Kneeling L-R) Reverend Mother Diversity, Sister Fancy Pants, Sister Festivus
Tonight, a new Sister was born.  Please help us welcome Sister Fancy Pants to the Abbey of the Long Cedar Canoe.  It's been a long process for Fancy but she's finally a Sister.  When Fancy started her Sister journey, it was a personal journey towards self discovery as a contributing member of her community.  And who she discovered was a flirtatious little imp on the path to defining what activism means to her and how best she can stand up for her community.

She was already volunteering and fundraising, but just not within her community.  During this past year, she went full in, doing to almost every Sister event and doing whatever was needed of her.  Her mind, heart and soul was open to the new adventures that lay ahead.  Her experiences and the diversity of people she has met has fed her spirit, which in turn motivates her to give back to the community.

On this momentous day, there is a glimmer of a new hope.  A hope that all is not lost for our Sisters and communities south of our border.  The Sisters are here for you, and now we are 1 more stronger.  Fancy that!

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