Saturday, October 22, 2016

Union + Sisters = Gay Wedding!

L to R - Postulant Knotty, Sister Festivus, Sister Diversity, Belle Ancell, Paladin L'il Randy,
Novice Sister Fancy Pants

Last night, the Sisters helped one of our Angels celebrate the first-ever, Western Canada, Gay and Lesbian Wedding Show called "Union."  It is a "love project" that she worked on with her friend Cristie Rosling.  It was an intimate event that was incredibly well attended with numerous LGBT+ vendors.

The Sisters were there to sell 50/50 tickets.  In all we sold $230 with half of that going to A Loving Spoonful.

Angels are those who go out of their way to help us with events, logistics, information, and services.  An Angel can be any person in the community who has made a major contribution directly to benefit the Abbey.  Their contributions may be in their volunteer time, materials, or financial donations.

Belle has wonderfully donated her time to photographing the official portraits of the Sisters.  It is also part of a bigger work she is planning where she will create a photobook on the Vancouver Sisters.  You can see her portraits on our "Meet the Sisters" page.

Congratulations to Belle and Cristie!

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