Thursday, October 20, 2016

Native Sons and Sisters

(L to R) Sister Bodice Rippa, Postulant Knotty by Nature, Sister Festivus Illuminata, John Ferrie, Jock McDonald, Sister Diversity Rains, Novice Sister Fancy Pants

The Sisters were out to support one of our Saints' new art show.  St. John of the Broad Strokes, aka John Ferrie, partnered with one of his childhood friends, photographer Jock McDonald to create an art show called "Native Sons".  Born and raised in Vancouver, they have since gone on to international fame in the fields of painting and photography.  The concept of this show was for Jock to take pictures of Vancouver, then give them to John to paint his version of the paintings.  The result was a beautiful feast for the eyes and showed how distinct their visions are.  We were honoured to have been there for the opening of this show.

John was sainted 5 years ago in November 2011.  His contributions to the gay and lesbian community has been applauded and has gained him much appreciation.  He continues to donate his paintings for auctions to benefit numerous organizations from BC Positive Living to AIDS Vancouver.  Please visit his website for more information about John and his work,

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