Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Novice Twins (all 3 of them)

On the eve of their elevations, The Novice Twins (yes, there are 3 of them) sat down together to share the experiences of their Sister Journeys.  Novice Sister Bodice Rippa is up for elevation to Fully Professed Sister in September 2016.  Cadet L'il Randy is also up for elevation to Paladin in September 2016.  Novice Sister Fancy Pants is up for elevation in October 2016.

Fancy:  Hi Bodice.  So, why did you join the Sisters?
Bodice:  That's a loaded question.  I joined the Sisters because I desperately needed a change in my life.  Also, I wanted to do something good for a community that is not always fully represented, which is the trans community. Although not being trans, I am an ally and a lot of important people in my life have come to me and have confided in me that they are indeed trans. A lot of them have passed, in very violent ways and there's nothing more I want to do than to honour their memory and make sure that people know that they were wonderful loving people and that they were great members of the community.  They are important people in my life and they can be important people in other peoples lives as well.

Fancy:  How has your journey been so far?
Bodice:  It's been a blessing.  It's taken me from the depths of hell to the heights of heaven.

Fancy:  And you L'il Randy? Why did you join the Sisters?
L'il Randy:  This is where I belong.  I've been trying for years to find my place in the community, volunteering in many different places and I've met a lot of different people and I've done a lot of great work.  But, when I found out that I actually could join the Sisters, because I honestly searched online and when I found out that I could be a Sister . . . I joined.

Fancy:  How has your journey been so far?
L'il Randy:  Actually, I am learning so much this year and having a lot of fun with a lot of great people and doing a lot of great work.  And it's fun!  I love doing it!  Squeeeee!  What about you Fancy?

Fancy:  Very similar to both of you.  I wrote about much of my journey so far in "A Postulant's Tale of Transformation".  I was already doing what the Sisters do best, give back and pay it forward.  But, I was doing it by myself and really wanted to have fun and also to truly part of my community.  Although I identify as gay and live in the village, I'm really an outsider.  And, even though I'm a naturally blonde asian (he he), I'm not very flamboyant.  So, for me, I joined to give back and pay it forward, but also to look sickening while doing it!!!!!  And it's been a wonderful!  I've met people and have grown to love people I don't think I would ever have met if I hadn't have joined the Sisters.  And even though I was already doing philanthropic work before the Sisters, the work with the Sisters just has so much more meaning to it now.  I actually feel like I am making a difference.

If you are interested in joining the Sisters, you are welcome to sit in on our monthly Business Meetings.  Just send us a quick note to let us know you will be joining us so we can have enough drinks on hand.  JK miss thing . . . or mister thing . . .  or mx thing . . . we don't judge . . . much.  :)

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