Thursday, September 15, 2016

Squeeeee! They're a Paladin!

The YVR Sisters are incredibly proud to introduce to the world, the birth of Paladin L'il Randy.  On September 14, 2016, Cadet L'il Randy elevated to full Paladin status with the YVR Sisters.  All of the Sisters were on hand to witness the elevation of our new Paladin.  Reverend Mother Diversity Rains led L'il Randy in reciting the Paladin Vows, with support from their Supporting Member, Sister Koo-Koo Kachoo.  L'il Randy, as always, gladly went down on their knees to do so.  ;)  The symbol of their elevation is the presentation of a metal cock ring, to be worn around their neck at all Sister events.  It is a BIG cock ring but we know they will wear it, and fill it well (although, it may be a bit small for them as their cup runneth over, a lot, squeeeee?).  L'il Randy also receives a certificate highlighting their new role with The Sisters and they will forever be a Paladin.

The primary role of a Paladin is to support the work of the Sisters through protection and service; and, together with them, advance the mission and work of the Abbey.

L'il Randy's joy and zest for life and inclusiveness was evident throughout their journey.  L'il Randy's "Let's Talk About Sex Baby" inclusive safe-sex event was a profound testament to that.  And, they were a wonderful representative for the YVR Sisters at the recent Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Conclave in Berlin, Germany.  Huge, joyous congratulations to Paladin L'il Randy and Squeeeeee! to the future!


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