Monday, September 26, 2016

Burgers with Buff Dudes for a Bountiful Cause

L-R - Tim, Sister Festivus Illuminata (clearly enjoying being the filling in a furry, beefy sandwich) and Stephen

What a full day (and weekend)!  The Sisters finished up a long weekend of promulgating universal joy with a fundraiser hosted by The Pumpjack Pub for BC Positive Living's AIDS Walk to Thrive After Party.

While the walk was in the morning, the after party was hopping in the afternoon into evening.  Mr. Ruff 2015 Colin and his partner Anwar, with Stephen and Tim, in all their furry glory, with the help of Reverend Mother Diversity Rains and Sister Festivus, mingled through the crowd to donations.  They left Novice Sister Fancy Pants to (wo)man the BBQ Burgers in the back.  What a Novice has to go through before she elevates!

In the end, over $800 was raised in 3 hours.  All the money raised will benefit the services that BC Positve Living provides for their members.

Party goers were fed, nutritionally and eye candily.

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