Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"Let's Talk About Sex, Baby"

The Sisters are growing.  A wonderful job by Novice Cadet L’il Randy on completing their Novice Project.  L’il Randy organised an information event held at The Junction.  It was called “Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby” with a focus on safe sex information for the entire LGBTQ2+ community.  Speakers presented on topics covering safe sex products, consent, testing, and accessibility.

Chief Al Houston (Silver Coyote), Two-spirit Elder from the Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Centre honoured the event with a blessing. A huge thanks to the speakers who were so giving of their time: Jenn Matsui De Roo, Emily Sollows, Kevin Moroso, Munroe Craig and Cameron Schwart from Karmik and Jaedyn Starr.  During the break, Novice Sister Bodice Rippa sold tickets for a raffle draw and Novice Sister Fancy Pants was the sitting Nun for the SOPI Confessional receiving exhalations and confessions of Joy.  The evening concluded with a raucous burlesque performance by Mrs. Frizzle on the proper etiquette of fisting . . . seriously . . . informative . . . hilarious!!!

As a Novice Cadet, L’il Randy was tasked to complete a project that exemplified their JOY of being a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence.  This event showed the passion they have for the work to represent and empower the LGBTQ2+ community with access to information and resources for the benefit of their health and safety.  A wonderful event but a wonderful Cadet Paladin.  They now has to finish a Novice resume and the 6-month training before elevating to Fully Professed Paladin.

(Note, “They” is the pronoun L’il Randy prefers over a “gender-specific” pronoun)

Congratulations L’il Randy!

(L to R - Sisters Festivus Illuminata and Tora Wholes, Paladin Pebbles, Cadet L’il Randy, Novice Sisters Fancy Pants and Bodice Rippa, Sister Koo-Koo Kachoo)

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