Monday, June 20, 2016

STRUT Vancouver 2016

On a cloudy and rainy yet not raining day, the Vancouver Sisters were on hand to help out with STRUT Vancouver, a walk to support LGBT+ refugees (  This year, STRUT raised over $35,000, including a $1000 donation from the Sisters.  They monies were distributed as grants to Inland Refugee Society of BC ( and M.O.S.I.A.C (  This year was the 2nd Annual Walk-a-thon organised by Foundation of Hope ( walking 1 mile along the Vancouver Seawall, from Sunset Beach to the Inukshuk and back, is easier than walking a life time in the shoes of oppressed LGBT+ peoples living in fear in countries where it is still legal to kill someone because they are different than the status quo.

The Sisters were on hand to help bring light and lightheartedness to the event by handing out prizes for Best Heels, Best Team and Best Corporate Team.  Through the clouds, we embodied the power of joy and cheered for STRUT-ers and posed for many photos.

If you weren’t there this year, we hope to see you next year in your most highest and most fabulous heels.

(L-R - Aspirant Amanda, Sister Koo-Koo, Novice Sister Bodice, Novice Sister Fancy Pants and Sister Festivus)

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  1. Some look like drag queens this one person looks sexy with nice legs and cute wow i hope he see this.