Monday, June 20, 2016

2016 Pride Legacy Awards

The Vancouver Sisters were on hand to help celebrate the Recipients of the 2016 Pride Legacy Awards.

"The Legacy Awards Gala is an awards night to acknowledge individuals who have contributed to the LGBTQ2+ community in Vancouver over the years. There are a series of eight awards all corresponding to the symbolism associated with each colour in the original rainbow flag.

Sister Festivus was part of the Recipient Voting Committee and was also asked to present the Turquoise Legacy Award for Art to John Ferrie.  John has been a fixture in our community and has donated many of his paintings for auctions to raise money for many organisations.  Coincidentally, he is also one of our Saints, Saint John of Broad Strokes.  Check the “Our Saints” tab on our website for information on all of our Saints.  

Sister Diversity and Novice Sister Fancy Pants also helped choose the Random Draw 50/50 Sales.  In the Span of 1.5 hours, we raised $650 in sales from joyfully asking for money in exchange for 6 feet worth of tickets (the height of Sister Festivus, with heels, including wimple).  And L’il Randy was more than happy to get on her knees to rip the tickets for the guests, while bowing at their feet.  Well, she may have enjoyed that too much.  Amazing spirits and thank you to all guests!  The Sisters also chose a surprise second prize of a pair of tickets to Rupaul’s Drag Race Drag Show.

Congratulations to all the 2016 Nominees and Recipients.

(L-R Novice Sister Fancy Pants, Aspirant Amanda, Sister Diversity, John Ferrie, Sister Festivus, Novice Cadet L’il Randy)

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