Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Postulant's Tale of Transformation

What an experience. I was finally able to join the YVR Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for an event and had enough courage to dress up for it. I went all in . . . "go big or go home" . . . so I went big. Here's my first transformation into Postulant Fancy Pants. I went with a red face because the event we went to was called "Red", a fundraising event for Positive Living BC (plus I am not allowed to present in white face until I am a Novice). I was so nervous since the morning that my nerves and stress aggravated my chronic low back pain. I was stiff and my back was very tender all day and night.
The nerves continued to applying glue on my eyebrows to applying my pink foundation to the drawing my eyebrows to putting red powder all over my face to putting on my fake eyelashes (4 times!) to finishing off lipstick. But, as the process went along (for 2 full hours) I was feeling more "Fancy". It was like an out-of-body experience where I saw me turning my head this way and that and sucking in my cheeks to get a "model" look. (Looking a photo collage now, I can see the nerves on my face as I was starting to my Zoolander moment when my face was done.)
I topped the make up off with a corset top that I made and a pair of black patent leather 5" heels. I could feel my Fancy Pants persona starting to emerge and that freaked me a bit. I was looking forward to this moment because I didn't know what aspect of my personality would break out. Well, I know now . . . she is quite the supermodel wannabe and that makes me feel confident that I chose the right name.
With amazing support from Sister Lois Price and Sister Festivus Illuminata, I not only did my face and dress up, but I also walked out into the public. More nerves but feeling okay with it.
The event was wonderful with such amazing, giving spirits helping to raise much need funds for Positive Living BC. I had a great time mingling with guests and felt really comfortable talking to people. After a while, I forgot that I had make up on and that I was wearing uncomfortable heels and a sausagy corset. And the amazing thing is that my make up stayed on the whole time.
I felt so beautiful and it was very difficult to want to take my make up off. I feel very comfortable in my own skin but I have never felt beautiful in my own skin but I really did tonight. It was a bit of a let down after washing off all the make up because a plain face was looking back at me but the memory of Fancy Pants is still there.
I get the idea of what it takes to being a Sister now. It's a lot of work and dedication but the experience is wonderful. See the happy faces on people when they see the Sisters and knowing that we are contributing to that is something I feel is part my path. I joined the Sisters because I wanted to continue to do my volunteer work and fundraising but as part of a team and on a bigger scale. Well, I got my wish.

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