Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Missionary Moments with Sr. Visa DeKline

Greetings friends! Sister Visa here - it's been awhile since I've made a blog entry, but I wanted to post something about what it's like to be a Missionary Sister.

At the beginning of October, I packed up my life in Vancouver, and moved about 1,050 km east (that's 660 miles for you American folk), to Calgary, AB. It was a difficult and exciting decision, as I've lived in Vancouver my entire life and built many great friendships and support systems there. But the lower cost of living, and the prospect of forming great new relationships in Calgary was calling me - and so move I did. As an active member of the Vancouver Sisters, I was a little concerned about how I could continue to serve the community in my capacity as a Sister, in a city where no Sister presence currently existed. For a short time a few years ago, there was a Mission group in nearby Edmonton - but unfortunately it never progressed any further than a Mission - so Sisterless Alberta remained.

My "scary' Halloween look!
Calgary presents it's own unique challenges in supporting and serving it's LGBTQ2+ community, let alone a group of 21st century queer nuns! It's a relatively conservative city with only a handful of gay/gay friendly establishments. Like most cities in North America, at one point it had many gay bars but as social media became a thing, the community looked to apps and websites to meet one another instead of going out to a pub or club. The community in Calgary is quite large, but with only a handful of venues to choose from - they tend to be either very tightly knit, or they result to holding events in private homes and venues. I've only had the opportunity to manifest once since moving here, on Halloween - where I visited almost every gay venue in the city in addition to attending a gay party in a straight venue. It was a great night though! I got to spend some time with the Emperor and Empress of Calgary, and several members of their house. I got to meet members of the community who were curious about who the Sisters are, and what we do! As a Missionary Sister, the most important thing for me to do is to continue meeting and building relationships with members of the community, and helping them as much as I can. The Emperor and Empress are holding a World AIDS Day event on November 28th, and I plan on being involved in some way. While I hope to one day assist in establishing a house here - for now, I will work my ass off to support my Sisters in Vancouver, as well as the established groups that are serving the community here in Calgary. In doing so, I'll spread my sisterly joy, talk to everyone who will listen about the Sisters and what we do, and hopefully drum up some interest in founding a house here! The world needs more Sisters - and I plan on doing my part to make it so!

In the meantime, I'd love to hear from anyone in Calgary who's interested in the work we do, anyone who wants to know more about us - and I'd also love to hear from any Sisters out there who've ever been in the Missionary position (minds in the gutter, I know, I know!) who can share their experiences with me! As a relatively virginal Missionary gal, I'm sure there's plenty for me to learn!

Sending you love and light from the city of stampedes, stetsons, and warm winter chinook winds!



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