Sunday, September 21, 2014

Prayers for a Friend, a Saint and a Community Leader

Photo:  Queer Film Festival, 2008
The Vancouver Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are holding the friends and family of Jim Deva in our thoughts and prayers.  Jim is one of the Saints of the Vancouver Sisters and earlier tonight we learned that he has died. We pray that the Nuns of the Above shower him in all the glitter and joy he can absorb.  We pray that his family, friends and community are able to support one another during this time of loss and grief.  We pray that our community will learn from Jim's presence and leadership to know that each of us can and must strive to continue to build our community and find ways to support those who struggle for freedom.

Jim was instrumental in our community's development and growth.  He co-created safe space in which we were able to gather, learn and plan the revolution well before it was safe for us to gather.  He, along with his partners at Little Sisters, stood up to the federal government to demand equal treatment for our literature and ourselves.

A brave man dies this week and the Sisters ask everyone to take a moment to send good thoughts to Jim on whatever this next part of his journey is and to all those who loved him that their healing after losing him may be as kind and gentle as possible.  If you are so moved, please join us in lighting a candle to help guide Jim on his way.

Blessings and much love to each and everyone of you.

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