Monday, August 11, 2014

Supermoon Grounding Ceremony

Last night, I had the opportunity to participate in a smudging ritual with Sister Tora Wholes, Cadet Paladin Pebbles, Sister Petunia Encarnata and guests down at the Vancouver AIDS Memorial at Sunset Beach. We were given some "Third Wave Faerie Dust" by our abbey's "Grandmama" Sister Merry Peter of San Francisco and told to smudge it on the next full moon. This Faerie Dust was magical and special since it contained several ingredients that are special and meaningful to us - cedar, sage, pink quartz from the pink triangle memorial in the Castro, wood shavings from the fence in Laramie, WY where Matthew Shepard was left to die, rose petals from Oklahoma City (one of Sister Petunia's first stateside homes), and many other meaningful additions. 

We grounded ourselves, stated our intentions and had a beautiful ceremony that helped us to remember why we are here, what we're working for, and what we hope to achieve with the Sisters. It reaffirmed my decision to join the Vancouver Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and validated the important work that we're doing. We closed the ceremony off by adding some ingredients of our own: some dried rose petals from the base of the AIDS Memorial - to help us remember the many brave men and women who lost the battle before us, and who helped shape the direction of GLBTQI rights in Vancouver and elsewhere. I'm proud to be a Sister - thank you so much Merry Peter for giving us such a special gift!!


Novice Sister Visa DeKline
Sister Petunia Encarnata leads the Grounding ceremony at the bast of the Vancouver AIDS Memorial.

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