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    Hello dearest reader, this is Sister Alma Bitches; the current elected Reverend Mother of the Vancouver chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (god I love typing that ).  I wanted to let you all know that our little Abbey is experiencing a bit of a membership boom at the moment and I have been so impressed with this new group that I am compelled to spread my joy around!

    Back in September 2010 when I started my journey to Fully-Professed status there were also quite a few new members around; about 6 if I recall correctly, 4 of which remain to this day.  So if our founders count as the first wave, and my group was the second, then this new group is the third wave to roll through our Abbey.  There have been members joining in between the waves, and I love them dearly as well, but right now we have six members all in either the Novice or Postulant stage (teetering on the tip of Novicehood) and as a nun who has been very busy these past few years I cannot begin to explain how great it feels to see so many people coming aboard to share in the experience (and work) of being a Sister. 
    So without further ado: 

     Cadet Paladin Pebbles:  Pebbles unofficially joined the Abbey when Sister Tora Wholes did back in the spring of 2012 and after having supported the efforts of the Abbey as a volunteer for over two years he finally officially declared his desire for membership in the fall of 2013.  Pebbles' ability to get things done and take initative on projects that have otherwise stalled have further endeared him to myself and the other members. I tell him daily how much he means to all of us and our work here in Vancouver.  Oh, and I get to be his supporting member too!
     Novice Sister Zahra Nainsaidh (zar-ah nan-zee): Zahra officially joined the Abbey in the summer of 2013 and has become our first bio female member to advance to Novicehood in the Abbey.  Petunia and Bamm Bamm met Zahra while participating in UBC's Out Week and she is currently overseeing our participation in this year's PRIDE Parade as her Novice project.  Zahra's name is tied directly to her faith and lineage; Zahra meaning "enlightened" in Arabic and Nainsaidh meaning "grace" in Scottish Gaelic. Sister Tora is her supporting member.
Zahra Nainsaidh

    Novice Sister Visa Dekline has long been a close friend of Sister Tora Wholes and Cadet Paladin Pebbles and officially declared herself an Aspirant in December of 2013.  Since the beginning of her journey Visa has expressed a willingness to help in any way she can with the planning of upcoming events; more importantly through her actions she demonstrates to us how valuable of an asset she is and will be for many years to come! Sister Tora is her supporting member.
Visa Dekline

    Novice Sister Koo Koo Kachoo declared herself an Aspirant in January of this year and in these short 6 months has stolen the hearts of many a YVR Sister with her calm demeanor and warm energy.  We are so happy to have you Koo Koo and look forward to your involvement in the Abbey! Sister Merry Q is her supporting member.
KooKoo Kachoo

    Postulant Lois Price declared herself an Aspirant in February of this year and has quickly shown she has a Sister in her through her humor and her willingness to pitch in.  If the costume she created for the last Sister Act Singalong is any indication; Lois will be delighting audiences very soon! Sister Petunia is her supporting member.
Lois Price

   Postulant Lucy Caboose has been a member of the Abbey since November 2013 and has impressed the Abbey with her ability to balance her busy secular life with the demanding schedule of the Sisters.  Lucy's excitement for the Sisters is contagious and although she sometimes can be shy she has definitely shown there is more than meets the eye! One to watch ;) Sister Sweet Cherribum is her supporting member.
Lucy Caboose

    As a newly elected Reverend Mother I was expecting my workload to increase with my lofty new position on the Abbey's board of directors.  I am quickly learning that my new role is to step aside and to let the newer members step into the light, because they are truly the stars of this Abbey.  I have had the opportunity to witness the newer members manifest themselves and do great work within the community and I know that if this is what they are showing this early in their journeys that the best is definitely yet to come.  

Sister Sweet Cherribum (far right) leads the Postualnts and Novices (and Petunia) in a makeup workshop. Sisters learn how to paint their faces early on and use their own funds to do so. 
     If you've ever thought about joining the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence but weren't sure how to go about it; it's as easy as coming to one of our general business meetings (7pm second Wednesday of every month at Qmunity) and/or reaching out to our Mistress of Novices: Sister Petunia Encarnata.  Everyone is welcome, but it's definitely not for everyone.  xo 


Sister Alma Bitches
Reverend Mother
Mistress of Propaganda

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