Monday, June 16, 2014


How DO you solve a problem like Carlotta? That was the question on the Vancouver Sisters Perpetual Indulgence's minds when they took to the Junction stage as Carlotta Gurl's special guests at her weekly drag spectacular "Absolutly Dragulous."

Sister Alma Bitches, Sister Sweet Cherribum and Sister Tora Wholes were beyond excited to be a part of the show and were supported in their efforts by Novice Sister Visa Dekline (who had manifested for the first time that night! Congrats Gurl!), Cadet Paladin Pebbles and Postulant Lois Price.  The Sisters treated the crowd to classics from "Nunsense" and a live sung parody from the "Sound of Music."

The feedback thus far has been overwhelmingly positive about the Sisters' involvement in the show, but after all is said and done, it IS Carlotta's show for a reason and she threw it down with rousing versions of "I Just Want to be a Star" and "Missionary Man" which inspired the crowd to make it rain for the Gurl!

After all the performances were over, Carlotta allowed Sister Alma to take the mic and explain a little about the Sister's mission in Vancouver and to promote the upcoming "Sister Act Singalong" happening this coming Tuesday.  Sister Alma also let the crowd know about Carlotta's generosity of donating $250 to the Sisters granting fund and gave the show and its star a blessing for continued success and anointed her with the title of "Angel."  In the end, it was declared that there was "absolutly" no problem with Carlotta at all!  Catch her act every Saturday at the Junction on Davie! "Haven't you heard people? It's where it's at."
photo credits: Cadet Paladin Pebbles

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