Friday, May 16, 2014

"The Little Mermaid" singalong!

The Little Mermaid Singalong

Photo at Left: Sister Sweet Cherribum and Sister Alma Bitches discuss the possibilities of Ariel remaining a human permanently. 

       Tuesday May 13th the BC Superfriends hosted a fundraiser for their 2014 Pride float at the Junction on Davie street.  The full house was treated to "The Little Mermaid" movie with live singing performances during the film.  Our very own Sister Sweet Cherribum, who is a founder of the BC Superfriends, organized and starred in the production as "Ariel," while Sister Alma Bitches portrayed "Ursula." Colin Marcus Jackson and Pup Figaro each performed one of the Sebastian classics from the film.
      The night included some special cartoon inspired performances by Valynne Vile, Veronica Vamp, and Dezi Desire which were amazing ways to warm the already excited crowd up! In the end over $600 was raised for the BC Superfriends and because of the support of the Vancouver Sisters, who sold raffle and worked the door, $100 went into the Sister's granting fund to benefit local causes.
Bravo to everyone involved in this production which is sure to happen again in the near future!

Photos by The Will Box

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