Monday, August 8, 2011

Pride Parade 2011

It was a full day of festivities at the Pride Parade.

The makeup’s been rubbed from my face, my feet are bare after kicking off the heeled boots I wore tromping on the pavement and I put on shorts after peeling off the leather chaps... ahhh...

It was a good day to be with the Sisters. As a Cadet Paladin my getting ready takes a fraction of time it does the Sisters. It’s fun to witness them swipe the white base makeup over the features of their face covering up clues to their true identities. They can sit in front of their portable mirrors meticulously applying the layers of colour, gems and whatnot for up to two hours.

I’m a supportive member to the work the Sisters do in the community, which makes my role slightly different. When I’m out with them I’m more of the behind the scenes kind of guy, but dressed in leather with grease paint on my face, I managed to squeeze into one or two pictures.

Our group has swollen this year and it was such an honour to march with our newest members Novice Sisters Petunia Encarnata and Alma Bitches. I enjoyed watching then wow the crowd, strike poses for photos and spread the joy of being a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. Our Novice Sister Alma, saw us marching in the parade last year and here she was just twelve months later tossing her veil and smiling for the rows and rows of people as she sashayed by.

We were supported this year with the attendance of Sister Yuriko Lomein and Sister Dominé Trix from the Seattle House. Also marching with us was our newest aspirant Robbie, our naughty school boys Chris and Gordon and our Faerie Family Holly and Raspberry. But we have to give a special thanks to Marie for her continued support and the use of her convertible! Not only did the car help us look more fabulous, but there was lots of room to carry all the crap that it takes to be a Sister.

We were early in the parade line-up so we got to Sunset Beach well before the crowds descended upon it. Our newest Cadet Paladin Bamm Bamm met us with food and beverage, which were greatly appreciated and needed after our busy morning. This was another opportunity for people to coral the Sisters to take a multitude of digital images with them and of them.

There’s excitement at knowing our trip along the parade route may have sparked a fledging Sister-wannabe in the massive crowd of onlookers. Upon seeing us in all our glory they thought ‘I want to be a part of that!’. Our continued exposure to the queer communities of Vancouver and beyond helps us to grow in a good way. The goals for the Abbey of the Long Cedar Canoe to bring continued awareness of HIV and AIDS, as well as shed light on homelessness in the Greater Vancouver area and help at risk queer youth, are concerns that need immediate and ongoing attention. We can better help these communities if our group of Joyful Nuns grows.

As I sit here, picking glue from my eyelids where the false eyelashes were, I’m filled with gratitude to my fellow Abbey Members and wonder who’ll be called to join us in spreading ‘One Joy, More Joy, Always Joy’!

(photos courtesy of Sergei Bachlakov. Thank you)

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