Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nun Without Borders...

Diary of Novice Sister Hyde N Sikh

Thursday June 9, 2011

Dear Diary,

I LOVE LA! I’m always reminded of the warm passion I have for Los Angeles as I emerge from LAX into the balmy heat. Now I have even one more reason to love and return frequently, my Beloved Supporting Sister Erotica Psychotica.

It came really clear to me why I requested her to be my Supporting Sister. She loves anything vanilla (except in the sexual context). Her fridge is well stocked with Pepsi and not a whole lot else. I knew we were gonna get along like a house on fire!

The first night we went to a “Wet Underwear Contest”. As if the Vanilla Vodka and Pepsi’s and the balmy climate weren’t warming me up, the sight of those hot boyz in wet underwear and jockstraps sure did.

This is gonna be a great week.

Friday June 10, 2011

Eddie and I gathered in her washroom to transform into Erotica and Hyde. I was excited to learn new techniques and bond with Sister. We co-ordinated our outfits for the entire weekend to complement each other. Tonight we’re both wearing red.

Wow Diary, I was able to put face on and get into full habit within one hour. This had never happened yet!

We kicked off Pride weekend with bar ministry at Akbar’s in Silver Lake.

We met two wonderful guys; one white boy I coined “Salt”; totally straight but completely comfortable in himself. He allowed himself to be blessed over and over again by us Sisters, and one black boy, “Pepper” who was totally sweet and very gay. These two boyz joined us for food once we closed down the bar.

We got home where Erotica kept us awake until 6:30am with stories of her many shenanigans.

Saturday June 11, 2011

The phone woke me up at 10:00am. It was Sister Unity calling to say she was manifesting and going to the Life Works fundraiser at Paramount Studios. I should come over to her place and manifest together as we had to be at there by two.

The Life Works project is a series of after-school activities for queer youth to keep them occupied and out of trouble. We each raised money for a particular “activity”. I had “health & fitness”. This program teaches kids yoga and martial arts/self defence so that they can defend themselves against hate crimes or discrimination.

After the event, Sister Unity commented “You Canadian gurlz are on fire…” She let me know that I raised the most amount of money for the Life Works programs than any of the LA nuns.

Unity had to be up early for work (as did we for the Pride Parade in WeHo) so she did not join Erotica and I. We went to WeHo for food and then went to Fu Bar, run by one of Erotica’s colleagues at The Stockroom where she works during the day (not much different than her night time work ~ LOL!!!)

We closed the place down at 2am. Another really late night and we had to be up, manifested and in WeHo ready to march with the LA Sisters.

Sunday June 12, 2011

Well Diary…we didn’t make it to the parade in time to march with the other Sisters, but Erotica and I looked damn good! We kept getting stopped for photos; we did our own 2-person march. We joined Sister Buffy, among others, at a bar along Santa Monica Blvd. for a few drinks. Then we went into the Festival space and spent a good period of time spreading love and joy. After dinner at Tender Greens (such good food), we went over to the Factory rave party where we shook our booties.

Erotica was not done yet. “…oh Hyde, let’s go back to Silver Lake and go to a few bars out there…” I was not sold on the idea. Erotica wove her magic in the cab ride ”…that is such a beautiful face and it hasn’t seen enough people yet today…” We got home, changed footwear and drove to the first of two bars we blessed that night.

The first one was “Fault Line” a local leather bar. It was pretty dead as I suspect that most people were at Pride; however, there was work to be done. I spotted a very attractive man, our eyes locked and I smiled at him. He slightly smiled back. I got the energetic sense that he needed more, so I walked over to him and started ministering. The sweetheart was beside himself as he was just dumped by his boyfriend by text message. He was nearly in tears when he said, “I’ll be right back, I gotta work…” and walked off. When he returned I found out that he worked security. He continued with his story and I compassionately listened He walked away to do another round and when he returned he handed me a small bouquet of flowers that he had picked from the garden outside. With a tear in his eye and a frog in his throat, he thanked me for allowing him to open his heart in this very difficult time.

Our last stop was “MJ’s”, a dance club with more of a crowd than what Fault Line had to offer.

Well…wouldn’t ya know it, Hyde had work to do in this bar as well! A timid man was standing in the doorway between the bar/dance floor and the patio like a wallflower.

I found out he is a registered nurse who worked with the disabled. He had a lot of love in his heart for his patients, but couldn’t find the same love for his friends or the people he meets in bars.

“There is only Love and Joy”, Hyde told him. “There is absolutely nothing that separates those patients from anyone else in the world”. In time this man found his courage and was out on the dance floor, shirt off, dancing up a storm.

This guy made a conscious effort to stay in touch with me via Facebook and came into West Hollywood on my last night in LA for a quick dinner. This proved to me that the work of the Sisters is like the first cut (which is the deepest)! A Sister’s work goes deeper than the surface and it’s for these experiences that I’m proud to be a Sister who LOVES to be out in community doing Bar Ministry or Mall Ministry or whatever the hell Ministry is required in the moment.

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