Sunday, July 10, 2011

Follow Your Dreams

What is a dream?  As children, after waking from a nightmare, we often had to be reassured by our parents that it was “only a dream.”  As we grow older, we seek to interpret our dreams, sometimes keeping journals and looking for hidden messages.  Some folks may induce altered states through psychoactive substances in order to turn the waking world dreamlike.  And some find they cannot separate dreams from reality, and fall into madness.
But then there are the other kind of dreams – visions for the future, for an ideal way of being, for transformation.  We dream big, dream for a better life, dream of what tomorrow may bring.  We are beckoned to follow our dreams, and to make our dreams our reality.
So what is a dream?  It is neither fantasy nor reality, but an intermediate state – a possible world.  The dreams you have while you sleep may be impossible to fulfill – but the ones which enter unbidden into your consciousness, and then allow to grow from a seed of possibility into a sturdy tree of reality, are the more fascinating ones.  These dreams take the ordinary stuff of our lived reality and use them to transform that reality into something new and amazing.  Everyone has different hands dealt to them by life, but it is what we do with those cards that matter.  This is not about living out the “Canadian Dream” of monetary success, power, renown – this is about living out your dream of who you are called to be – to grow into a more authentic self, with integrity and self-offering at its core.
When I was considering joining the Sisters as an aspirant Paladin (guard), I thought my dreams were at an end.  I had faced some disappointments in my life in terms of relationships and career, and I was ready to choose a comfortable path with pinched, circumscribed dreams.  Maybe an interesting vacation here or there; buying some cool new toy; taking a weekend trip to the beach.  Now, don’t get me wrong!  These are all special things – things to look forward to and take pleasure in.  But they are not Dreams with a capital D.
With the coming of the Sisters into my life, I began to dream big again, to dream for a better life, and I felt beckoned to follow my dreams and make my dreams a reality.  The Sisters opened to me a new path of service to and through my queer community – and, indeed, the wider community.  They helped me to see that I could choose to live out my ministry of service in new and exciting – and authentic – ways.  And that has flooded over into my life in so many ways.
The Sisters may be your calling – or not – but whatever you are dreaming, don’t push it away.  Don’t tell yourself that it isn’t possible, that you’re too broke, too old, too uneducated, too out of shape, too damaged or disadvantaged or disabled.  Whatever your reality, dream of possibilities for transformation.  For it is when we stop dreaming that we stop transforming; and it is when we stop transforming that we stop living.
Blessed be,
Cadet Bamm Bamm

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