Tuesday, June 28, 2011

“The Real Vancouver”

by Postulant Alma Bitches

As most of the world now knows, people claiming to be fans of the local hockey team “The Canucks” reacted to the team’s loss of the final game by throwing a huge hissy fit in the downtown core. The rioters flipped and burned cars, looted businesses, and were violent towards police. Truly, a pathetic display for citizens who live in a country where we have so much. It’s sad to think that the world will now think of this as the “real Vancouver.”

Then something amazing happened.

During the riots, people began organizing themselves on various social media, Facebook being the most prominent, where they formed groups dedicated to identifying rioters by tagging pictures of them which had been uploaded by people standing nearby. Before the night was over, people disgusted with what had happened had begun organizing clean-up walks the next day. The best part: way more people showed up to clean up than those that had caused the problems in the first place. I believe these people represent the “real Vancouver” and it would be nice if the world news might report a little of what went on the day after 200 people hijacked the reputation of an entire city.

The reaction of Vancouverites reminded me of the great work the Sisters have been apart of over the years. Getting organized in times of need and spreading joy in times of despair. Feel free to browse the "Sistory" tab for more stories.

As your local Mission of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence gets ready to celebrate Pride season in the Lower Mainland, we invite you to join us at one of our events or one of the many others and celebrate the community in which we live: The Real Vancouver.

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