Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sisters Rubbout

It's been a few weeks since the Sisters went to the WISE Hall to celebrate rubber pride.
Rubbout was a huge success with attendance from men all over North America. Merry Q and Ethica kept the troops entertained on the shuttle bus trips from the West End to the corner of Adanac and Victoria. Hyde N Sikh and SirCumStance worked the crowd with our newly minted Novice, Petunia Encarnata, Postulant Sweet Cherry Bum and Cadet Bamm Bamm.
There were demonstrations, go-go dancers in skimpy rubber undies and enough eye candy to make some teeth ache (in a good way).
After a quiet winter, Rubbout was a great way to kick-start spring. The Sisters are planning for a busy and fun-filled summer.

A big rubbery thanks goes out to the organizers Reid, Mitch and Michel for asking the Sisters to be a part of this festive evening.

Also a big thank you to Barry Piersdorff for these great photos.

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