Monday, January 24, 2011

Planning Season

This is the perfect time of year to look forward and begin making plans and if planning is your thing, then this could be more exciting than Christmas. This past weekend the members of the Abbey of the Long Cedar Canoe cloistered together with large sticky notepad pages and began plotting the coming year. After much brainstorming where several events and ideas were written out, it became clear that we couldn't possibly do everything we wanted.

There were many organizations the Sisters supported in the past months and many more they had wished to support. This planning session was a great method to help outline our potential to achieve as much as we can in the coming year. As a new organization we've jumped at the chance to be visible and help groups throughout our Queer and other communities. One of the stumbling blocks we've come up against has in fact been long term planning. By having this informative meeting where the majority of our Mission was present, we were hoping to soften any potential stumbles.

One of the mandates of the Sisters is to support those groups that assist in HIV/AIDS awareness and outreach and we're hoping to broaden our involvement with these organizations. The Sisters' Fall event last year, Tenting For Homelessness, also directly ties into our aspiration to bring more awareness to Homelessness in the Greater Vancouver region, so look for events that help support this good work done by other groups. With our supportive communities running down the Pacific Coastline and beyond, the desire to be present with our Sisters in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco is prevalent, but the desire to stick close to home is even greater. Traditionally the Sisters have had a presence in the Vancouver Pride Parade, however, now that many of the outlying communities are hosting their own Pride celebrations, the Sisters may be popping up in other Lower Mainland and Island communities like Surrey, New Westminster and Salt Spring Island.

Stay tuned and look for the Sisters in a community near you.

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