Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sisters' Salt Spring Spectacle

A Sister down!

Even before our island adventure began one of our Novice Sisters came down with a nasty lung infection and being only four members, when a quarter of us is out, it's pretty noticeable. Fortunately we were wonderfully supported by our Faerie community and two lovelies joined us on our seaward journey to the island. Our Novice Sister Merry Q. Contrary was desperately hoping to hop on the 8:25pm. ferry, but we received a text informing us she'd be joining our group in the morning. Also on that trip across our other Novice Sister Hyde 'n Sikh became symptomatic with a head-cold that would plague her the rest of the weekend.

Despite our rocky beginnings we were lovingly welcomed by our community and had a blessed time strolling in the GLOSSI Pride parade. The island inhabitants and guests were filled with Joy and excitement at our presence. Many cameras captured our humble group in all our fabulous glory as we wended our way through the Ganges' streets.

We were blessed to be a part of this island's Pride festivities. We extend our eternal gratitude to those members of the Salt Spring Island community that helped make our stay comfortable and ease-filled.

We're also filled with immense gratitude at the multitude of men who removed their shirts while dancing at Barb's Buns on Saturday night.

Happy Island Pride.

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