Monday, August 2, 2010

Pride Parade Photos

Sending out Big Love to all who attended the Vancouver Pride Parade this year. It was the first year for us to march and we felt so loved up by all your cheers, hugs and smiles. Ethica is particularly grateful to the parents who thought handing their infants over to drag-nuns for photo ops was a great idea.

Special gratitude to the Sisters from the Abbey of St. Joan who so kindly came up to support us.

If you have more photos, please send them to us and we'll post as many as we can to the website.

**These photos by the handsome and talented Barry Piersdorff.

Novice Sister and Reverend Mother Merry Q. Contrary

Novice Sister and Lady of Counsel Ethica Slüt

Novice Sister and Mistress of the Quill Hyde N. Sikh Full-of-Bling

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