Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Vancouver Sisters' Rainbow Kick-Off: a evening of comedy, music & friends

Vancouver’s lusty new drag-nun Sisters host night of gluttonous entertainment

At 9pm on Sunday, July 25, an amazing line-up of home-grown and south-of-the-border talent will take to the J Lounge stage. Novice Sister Ethica Slüt will preside over a night of outrageous fabulosity with special guests David C. Jones (Tops and Bottoms, My Big Gay Wedding), improv troup The Bobbers, comedian Robyn Edwards, and American drag chanteuse Pansy Wyldfyre.

"We're calling it the Kick-Off because it's the Vancouver Sisters' first larger-scale event," says Novice Sister Merry Q. Contrary, the group's Reverend Mother. "For many queers this might also be the kick-off off for the festivities, if you get my drift. This event is not sanctioned or endorsed by Pride, but Lust and Gluttony are definitely on board," she winks.

“Holy crap, are we ever going to have a great night!" comments Slüt. "Everyone at the Abbey thinks David. C Jones is more endowed with humour than Jésus (the Latino auto repairman we met on a recent trip to San Francisco), and the Bobbers are just plain hot. Robyn Edwards is hung with humour, and Pansy Wyldfyre is the Mother Theresa of drag performance. It's a line up of entertainment that could be habit-forming,” she giggles.

The Vancouver Sisters – Abbey of the Long Cedar Canoe are a group of 21st Century queer drag nuns. They are applying to become the only active Canadian mission of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, an international charitable group based in San Francisco. They Vancouver Sisters’ mission is to promulgate universal joy, and expiate stigmatic guilt. They host a weekly community drop-in on Friday evenings called S'Habit, and are available to attend community events and rallies to lend their support and offer blessings. Contact them through their website.

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Abbey’s community grants fund that supports local projects focused on queers, HIV and homelessness. For more information email

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