Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pride Weekend: Friday night S'habit & Sunday's Parade

Our newly elevated Cadet Paladin SirCumStance is hosting a special Pride Edition of S'habit at his home on Friday starting at 7pm. Bring a bevvie or snack...maybe a craft to work on. Oh, and SirCumStance informs us that he will be leaving his home promptly at 9:30pm to attend some naughty leather event, so be on time. It's in Burnaby, so let us know if you need a ride.

The Sisters will indeed be marching in the Pride Parade this year, along with our colleagues from Seattle and sweet Soeur Salem from France and, well, anyone else who shows up. We're manifesting at Merry Q.'s place...send us a note if you care to join us there.

This nun has been around the block more than a few times. How does she survive and still stay healthy, happy and fabulous?

1) Drink lots of water and piss clear! Get some electrolytes to keep your fluids in balance.
2) Nourish yourself with food and love. Sure, getting laid is fun, but a night of making out and cuddling can also fill our need for intimacy and touch.
3) Party in moderation. Let's face it: flailing is not glamourous. Doing an all-nighter? Take a Disco Nap in the evening, get some dinner, party with friends you trust, and have a buddy. Get your supplies in advance from someone you know (rather than some unknown person at the event) and, when in doubt, wait longer before taking another done.
4) Fuck safe, however you define it for you. Set intentions about the sex you plan to have and stick to it. Talk with your partner(s) about what you do and do not want to do. Be an ethical slüt and take responsibility for your sexual health.

However you choose to celebrate, know that we love you. We wish you all a happy, safe and enjoyable Pride Weekend!

Ethica, Merry Q., Hyde and SirCumStance
of the Abbey of the Long Cedar Canoe

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