Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sisters Across the Border

Sister Fancy with the LA Sisters 
(Sisters Barbie Q, Kumonaiwanalaia, Poppy, Dawn, Fancy, Gaia Love, Postulant Fefe, Sister Tootie and Postulant Harlotte)

Sister Fancy Pants went on a trip of a lifetime to California this June 2017.  She joined other Sisters across the Border in AIDS/LifeCycle, a 545 mile (877 km) cycle fundraiser from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

AIDS/LifeCycle is a fully supported, 7-day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money and awareness in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  AIDS/LifeCycle raises funds for the Los Angeles LGBT Centre and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

This year, 2200 cyclist and Roadies gathered in a Love Bubble that raised over $15 million ($15,166,171 to be exact, of which $3400 was raised by Sister Fancy).  Roadies are volunteers who chose to use their vacation time to help cyclist complete the long trek from SF to LA.

There were many Sisters from SF, LA, TX, OR and YVR.  Sister Fancy joined Sister Gaia from the SF Abbey in manifesting every day of the 7-day ride.  Our manifested faces drew smiles from every cyclist and helped inspired them on their journey.  We were doing "Cycling Ministry".  This reaffirmed that JOY is needed everywhere!!!

Everyone loved our manifestations but little did they know that the magic was in putting our make-up on, in our tents, with compact mirrors, in under 45 minutes.

Day 1 was a great day as the SF Sisters participated at the bottom of a hill called Devil's Slide.  As cyclists headed downhill after a long uphill climb, they were greeted by smiling Sisters feeding them the most delicious strawberries.

One amazing highlight is Day 5, Red Dress Day.  Everyone was encouraged to wear red because part of the route, from a bird's-eye-view, looks like a ribbon.  When all cyclists are on the route, looking from above, it looks like a living red ribbon!  AMAZING!

Especially touching is the Day 6 AIDS Vigil when the LA Sisters joined the Love Bubble and led everyone to the beach.  On this evening, after cycling 80 miles, everyone followed the Sisters to the beach.  Before entering the beach, the Sisters lit everyone's candle as they made their way to the beach to spend as much time as needed to honour those who they've lost.

Finishing the ride was wonderful for Sister Fancy.  She felt the love from newly-friended Sisters as they showed up at the finish line and surprised her with a rainbow Canadian flag.

The following day was LA's Resist March.  After cycling for 7 days, Sister Fancy still put on her 6" stiletto's and marched the 3-mile March with the LA Sisters.  It was a peaceful march full of strength and Sisterhood that sent a message love and determination to be heard!

Everyday was a cry day.  From Orientation day to the last day, tears . . . everyday.  There were so many moving stories of loss and love and survival that it became a natural part of the day to cry.  Which drew even more awe from cyclists because the make-up did not smudge from sweat or tears.

This trip of a lifetime is actually going to be repeated as Sister Fancy is going back next year . . . as a Roadie!  Maybe another YVR Sister will come along?


Postulant Harlotte, Sisters Gaia Love, Leigh Viticus, Dulce De Leche, Kumonaiwanalaia, Dominion and Fancy

Saturday, May 20, 2017

EPAMA - Coronation 2017

(L-R) Paladin Pebbles, Reverend Mother Diversity Rains, Sister Fancy Pants and Sister Tora Wholes

The Imperial Court is proudly represented in Surrey by the Empire of the Peace Arch Monarchist Association (EPAMA).  For this year's coronation celebrations, Courts from Canada and USA came to help the step down of reigning Emperor and Empress and to congratulate the step up of incoming new Emperor and Empress.  The Vancouver Sisters joined in this year's celebration by attending the In and Out-of-town Shows, raised money by hosting the Hospitality Bar and being photographers at the Ball.

EPAMA "is the governing body of the Imperial Soverieign Court of the Empire of the Peach Arch, Surrey, BC, Canada.  Some of their many mandates is to "raise awareness of GLBTQ  community and to fundraise for charities.  Congratulation to Peace Emperor XII Luc Gagne Royale and Arch Empress XII Irene Starr Black on a successful year of fundraising and community service.  

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

(L-R) Sisters Merry Q. Contrary, Alma Bitches and Diversity Rains

The Abbey of the Long Cedar Canoe is blessed to have and to have had these 3 amazing Sisters as our Reverend Mother.  In order, our first Mother Sister Merry Q., current Mother Posterior Alma and current Mother Diversity Rains.

Thank you for being leading our family and guiding us through our journey!  

Happy Mother's Day!

RED: A Positive Day in Vegas

(L-R, Top Row) Sisters Koo-Koo Kachoo, Bodice Rippa and Festivus Illuminata
(L-R, Middle Row) Paladin 'lil Randy, Friend and Reverend Mother Diversity Rains
(L-R Bottom Row) Friends, Aspirant Kip, Sisters Petunia Encarnata and Fancy Pants

Another HUGE successful production of RED with this year's theme being set in Vegas.  The event was so well organized by Volume Productions and the community came out to support an amazing, and much needed organization, Positive Living BC.  Everyone who had anything to do with the organization, performance and running of last night's event were all volunteers.  Especially touching is that many of the volunteers at some point in their lives needed the help and services that Positive Living BC provides. 

 "The Positive Living Society of British Columbia exists to enable persons living with AIDS and HIV disease to empower themselves through mutual support and collective action. From our personal struggles and challenges come our courage and strength."

RED was so big that the Sisters had to tag teamed this event with one group selling 50/50 tickets totalling $1500 and another group going on stage to perform with Sister Festivus singing live.  It is always amazing to be of service to our community in anyway we are called upon to.  

The evening started with the always entertaining David C. Jones (one of our Saints) being the auctioneer.  Painting and trips were auctioned off for well over $2000/prize.  And a very moving moment happened when the auction turned into a fundraising extravanganza where 15 party-goers raised their hands to donate $1000 each to send 15 BC Positive Living members on their Spirit Retreat.  COMMUNITY!!!!!

An incredible thank you to Dean Thullner for inviting the Sisters to perform and to Ken Coolen of Positive Living BC for organizing the fundraising portion of the evening.  While final donation amounts have yet to be tallied, one thing is for certain, all the funds raised will provide services to those who cannot otherwise provide for themselves.  #REDYVR

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Line Dancing for Chechnya

(L-R) Reverend Mother Diversity Rains, Paladin 'lil Randy, Sister Fancy Pants (Postulant Kip not pictured)

The Vancouver Timberline Dance Society held their monthly dance at the Pumpjack Pub and this time invited the Sisters to help them fundraise for Rainbow Railroad.  The Timberline group have been deeply affected by the currently situation in Chechnya and wanted to do something to help our persecuted sisters and brothers.  The patrons at the Pumpjack definitely helped the cause.  The Sisters raised $327 in 1 hour selling raffle tickets (actually, the Sisters raised $352 after Sister Fancy found $25 she collected and stuffed in her cleavage :)).  And Timberline agreed to match whatever the Sisters raised.  That's over $600 raised in 1 hour!

And of course, the Sisters joined in with a little doe-see-doe line dancing . . . in heels!

"Founded in 2000, Rainbow Refugee is a Vancouver based community group that supports people seeking refugee protection in Canada because of persecution based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression (SOGIE) or HIV status."

We in the North America (especially North of America) can live our lives freely and contemplate whether to go out for dinner, or dancing or staying in with our loved ones, regardless of their gender or ours.  Unfortunately our sisters and brothers in Chechnya and at least 77 other countries around the world cannot.  We cannot forget them while we enjoy our freedom.