Thursday, December 1, 2016

Red Ribbon Awards

(L-R) Sister Festivus Illuminata, Reverend Mother Diversity Rains, Sister Fancy Pants

The Sisters were invited guests at AIDS Vancouver's World AIDS Day - Red Ribbon Awards 2016!  (  These are annual award given out by AIDS Vancouver to community members and organizations who have made significant contributions to the fight for AIDS health and care.  This year's recipients included Dr. Peter Centre, Oak Tree Clinic, A Loving Spoonful, Maxine Davis (Executive Director, Dr. Peter Centre), Dr. Julio Montaner and Dr. Michael O'Shaughnessy.  At the end of the Ceremony, the Sisters went on stage and presented a cheque to Brian Chittock, Executive Director, consisting of funds raised from the Grocery Bagging event from last week ($750) plus a donation from the Sister Fund, totalling $1750.

The participants were well dressed in many of their finer threads with red ribbons everywhere the eye could see.  Festivus had a beautiful pin on her jacket.  Diversity had 3 ribbons glued to her face with many more on her bib.  And Fancy had a mother-sized, sequined ribbon on her wimple.

To complete this AIDS Vancouver trifecta, the Sisters will be at their Holiday Grocery Drive on Tuesday, December 13, 2016.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Vancouver Sisters Spread JOY in YYC!

Last night, several members of the Calgary LGBTQ2+ community came together for a great cause! Backlot played host to the 9th Annual World AIDS Day fundraiser - an event lovingly produced by Emperor 26, 29, and 39 of Calgary, Dion Boink Bishop-Towers Sanoir. This event raises money in support of HIV Community Link and its Positive Living Lunch Program. This program allows members of the community living with HIV/AIDS to come together every Friday and enjoy a healthy, nutritious meal as well as learn how to prepare their own healthy and delicious meals at home. Last night's fundraiser included a silent auction with close to 90 items, two 50/50 draws, a pop-it poker game, shooters for charity, a drag show, and more! Sister Visa DeKline was on hand with Paladin 'lil randy to sell shooters, and perform for the assembled crowd! The event was a great success, raising over $16,000 and the Sisters had one more surprise up their sleeves! Sr. Visa has been a part of the Calgary community since October 2015 - working remotely as a missionary sister of the Vancouver Abbey. Having had a chance to work closely with this amazing, tight-knit community - the Abbey wanted to send a little love to Calgary, and voted to direct a $750 grant to help support the work of HIV Community Link. Executive Director Leslie Hill was on hand to accept the grant, along with several members of HIV Community Link's staff. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will always be on hand to support the work of HIV Community Link and other organizations doing amazing charitable work - both in Vancouver, and here in Calgary with irreverent joy, volunteerism, blessings of glitter, and philanthropy.

Sr. Visa and Pal. 'lil randy have a 'lil something special to share!

Sr. Visa making the announcement with Pal. 'lil randy and HIV Community Link ED Leslie Hill

Hugs and smiles all around! We love you HIV Community Link!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Bagging for Bucks

(L-R) Postulant Knotty, Sister Festivus, Sister Merry, Sister Fancy and Mother Reverend Diversity

With support from Your Independent Grocers, the Sisters were on hand to bag groceries for a donation to the AIDS Vancouver Grocery Program.  Dressed up in our individually unique expressions of our habits, the Sisters bagged every purchase from fruits to meats.  ;)  Representing AIDS Vancouver was Brian Chittock, Executive Director of AIDS Vancouver and the AVVA (AIDS Vancouver Volunteer Army).  With our enlarged team of Sisters and Friends of Sisters, we collected over $600 and spread much more JOY!

AIDS Vancouver is still in need of Volunteers for their Holiday Grocery Event on December 13, 2016.  Consider applying to be a volunteer for that event.  Click on this link for me information.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Join the Vancouver Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence as they bag your groceries to raise funds for AIDS Vancouver Grocery Program on November 26, 2016 from 4:00pm to 7:00pm at the Local Independent Grocer at 1255 Davie St, Vancouver. 

This is truly community working together. We hope to see you there! COME ON IN AND PURCHASE SOMETHING IN THE NAME OF <3 FOR OUR COMMUNITY.

Special thanks to our friends at the Local Independent Grocer.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fancy That, There's a New Sister in Town

(Standing L-R) Paladin Pebbles, Sister Tora, Paladin 'lil Randy, Sister Petunia, Sister Visa (via Skype from Calgary) Sister Merry, Postulant Knotty and Sister Koo-Koo
(Kneeling L-R) Reverend Mother Diversity, Sister Fancy Pants, Sister Festivus
Tonight, a new Sister was born.  Please help us welcome Sister Fancy Pants to the Abbey of the Long Cedar Canoe.  It's been a long process for Fancy but she's finally a Sister.  When Fancy started her Sister journey, it was a personal journey towards self discovery as a contributing member of her community.  And who she discovered was a flirtatious little imp on the path to defining what activism means to her and how best she can stand up for her community.

She was already volunteering and fundraising, but just not within her community.  During this past year, she went full in, doing to almost every Sister event and doing whatever was needed of her.  Her mind, heart and soul was open to the new adventures that lay ahead.  Her experiences and the diversity of people she has met has fed her spirit, which in turn motivates her to give back to the community.

On this momentous day, there is a glimmer of a new hope.  A hope that all is not lost for our Sisters and communities south of our border.  The Sisters are here for you, and now we are 1 more stronger.  Fancy that!