Sunday, May 13, 2018

Splash of Red Masquerade Gala 2018

This past weekend played host to HIV Community Link's annual Splash of Red gala. This year's theme was "Masquerade", which saw members of the community show up in their finest feathered masks and formal wear. This gala raises much needed funds for HIV Community Link programming - which serves those living with HIV and those vulnerable populations in Calgary and Southern Alberta. The event brings entertainment, a live and silent auction, art and fundraising games together in one room - in this case the Crystal Ballroom at the magnificent Fairmont Palliser hotel.

Sister Visa (R) with HIV Community Link Executive Director Leslie Hill (L) and emcee for the evening Scott Fee from Global News Calgary (C). Photo - Christy D Swanberg Photography

For a second year, our missionary sister in Calgary, Sister Visa DeKline was invited to be a part of the festivities along with former Empresses of Calgary Shauna Starr and Krystal Starr. They opened the evening with a fabulous rendition of "There Must Be An Angel" by the Eurythmics and followed it up throughout the evening with more drag numbers. In addition to the queens, there was a live band, DJ, drag kings, and both male and female burlesque performances. Each and every performance was simply incredible!

Sister Visa (L) with emcee for the evening Shauna Starr (C) and Empress 41 of Calgary Krystal Starr (R). Photo - Christy D Swanberg Photography

This event raised an amazing $69,124 thanks to the generous support of the Calgary community! If you're interested in learning more about HIV Community Link - please visit them online through social media, or on the web at

Special thanks to Christy D. Swanberg Photography for capturing these amazing photos of the evening, along with several others!

Friday, May 11, 2018

At the LOUD Business, LOUD Scholarship Foundation!!

Vancouver Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in the house!
LOUD Foundation Scholarship Awards 2018, photo by Belle Ancell

What a joy to be supporting the LOUD Scholarship Foundation! With the help of Cadet Flying Ace (R), Christopher (L) and Sister Fancy Pants and Diversity Rains (not pictured here) we happily raised hundreds of dollars via 50/50 ticket sales.

 Sister Festivus with Blair Smith Co-Chair of LOUD.

 Sister Festivus with Christopher (L) and Cadet Flying Ace (R)
Not pictured here, Sister Fancy Pants and Sister Diversity Rains

Sister Festivus Illuminata (Center) had the honor of introducing the Jim Deva Scholarships by speaking a few words in Jim Deva's memory and Jim's lifelong passion for freedom of sexuality, gender diversity, and the fight against censorship.
Sister Festivus speaking of Jim Deva and later, presenting a Scholarship Award.

Sister Festivus speaking of Jim Deva

Jim's point of view so coincides with the objective of the Vancouver Sister's of Perpetual Indulgence - where we (The Sisters), ever strive to meet our objective to promulgate Universal Joy and expiate stigmatic guilt.

Due to Jim’s great support of community and the Sisters, Jim was Sainted by the Vancouver Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in August of 2012 as “Saint Slayer of Goliath” and will always be remembered as such.
Sister Festivus Presenting a Jim Deva Scholarship Award to Shannon Herrick.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Foundation of Hope Appreciation Event

Rainbow Foundation of Hope is a Canadian charity registered and founded to provide financial assistance to other Canadian charities actively supporting LGBT+ Refugees and Newcomers.

"Strut" one of the Foundation's biggest fundraisers is coming up June 9, 2018 - Sign up and become part of the fun!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Introducing Venus at VIFF

(L-R) Paladin 'lil Randy, Zena Daruwalla and Reverend Mother Diversity Rains

The Sisters were invited to present "Venus" during the Vancouver International Film Festival's Canada Week.  Reverend Mother Diversity Rains and Paladin 'lil Randy joined actress Zena Daruwalla in presenting this film by Eisha Marjara.

"When fourteen-year-old Ralph tracks down his biological father, he gets more than he bargained for. Not only is Sid (Debargo Sanyal) of Indian heritage, he is also a she. In other words, his dad is also his mom. Ralph’s reaction? "Cool!"

The kid takes to hanging out at Sid’s apartment through the summer. It’s a learning experience for both of them; Sid has only recently come out as transgender and is contemplating the operation. So she has enough on her plate with her own parents (Zena Daruwalla and Gordon Warnecke), and her on-again, off-again boyfriend. Meanwhile Ralph hasn’t plucked up the courage to tell his mother and stepdad what he’s been up to, or more to the point, with whom…"
Venus will make a return appearance and will be showing at the VIFF Vancity Theatre the entire week of May 14- 20, 2018.  Get your tickets at

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Vancouver Coronation 47 - A Black and White Ball

(L-R) Sister Fancy Pants, Paladin 'lil Randy and Reverend Mother Diversity Rains

Congratulations to Emperor 46 Tommy D and Empress 46 Jane Smokr on a successful reign!  This past year, they fundraised for Rainbow Refugee, Women Against Violence Against Women, Health Initiative for Men and Zee Zee Theatre.

Tonight's Coronation for full of pomp and pageantry as past and current Monarchs from all over North America came and congratulated the outgoing Vancouver Monarchs and welcomed the new incoming Monarchs.  The amount of jewelled crowns and tiaras were blinding!  What an incredible family this is!